Bob Rensing

Appointed Elder

Bob owns and operates an independent, all lines insurance agency for individuals, families, and businesses. The wide range of products which include property, liability, health, and life insurance means that often Bob learns a lot of details about his clients. This usually leads to counseling being an important part in fulfilling his commitment to his clients. And you’ll quickly discover that, clients or not, counseling is something Bob is passionate about.

 Bob’s heart beats for people. Both he and his wife Sherry feel called to stand beside those going through trials and help guide them to find the freedom that only God can provide.

 Working on his cars, or in the garden, and being with family are just a few things Bob really loves doing. He and Sherry consider it a privilege to work with people through Lifegroups, Divorce Care, and 2 to 1 mentoring.

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