Lifegate Residency – Leadership Program

Context: A few decades ago, the church began to passionately preach how powerful it was for us to have an impact in the marketplace. We designed sermon series and ministries around this concept, and while it was desperately true our life with Jesus needed to be expressed beyond the church walls, we’re a few decades down the road looking around and wondering where the future church leaders are.

It’s true, there are handfuls who sense the call of God for vocational ministry, but the opportunities for them to be developed outside of a classroom (or in tandem with a classroom) is rare and often filled with the ministry leftovers. We’ve watched over the years as men and women try their best to respond to the call they sense, but soon feel underprepared and overwhelmed by the demands of vocational ministry.

Lifegate Residency was born out of the desire to do our part in preparing, equipping, and investing in emerging church leaders.

Our Goal: We have designed this program to give hands on, tangible experience for highly qualified leaders who see vocational ministry as a part of their calling. The Residency is a concentrated time of leadership development, intentional hands on ministry experience, and the opportunity to have focused ownership within the area you serve.

We create leadership opportunity unique to the calling the Resident is both pursuing and walking out while engaging within Lifegate’s uniquely expressed culture. We believe these two combined will create not just a meaningful experience, but also an opportunity for deeper and wider growth in the callings God has for the Resident.

Time Commitment & Details:

  • Begins in September runs through May
  • Weekly classes taught by Lifegate leaders
  • 20 hours each week
  • Flexible scheduling for those in careers
  • Adults 18+ invited to apply

How do I become a Resident?

If you are interested in becoming a Resident at Lifegate Church, please fill out the application below and email it to by Friday, May 31, 2020.

Residency Application



“The Lifegate Residency gave me a real life look at what ministry in a church context looks like. During the residency, I was able to make a meaningful contribution to the church body while learning the practical ins and outs of ministry life. The leaders and pastors helped guide and direct me on the path of discerning my calling; giving me resources, time, and encouragement along the way. The Residency helped to confirm and clarify what God has spoken into my life. I was shown that ministry is just like real life; you will have ups and downs along the way and it is important to stay fixed on the goal in mind.  My greatest take away is that discerning your calling is a lifelong task and the joy comes in hearing from God along the way.” Tess Starman

“The Lifegate Residency did three main things for me. The first thing it did was really help me grow as a leader, I didn’t just help, I was asked to help make a difference. The second thing was, I really got to see and be a part of a staff family. A church staff like this made such a difference! The last thing and most important thing was how much I was invested in and the growth in Christ that came from it. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it!” Kiah Jackson

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