The Encouragers ministry is made up of men, women and teenagers who are trained to help people share their story, receive God’s truth, and take the next best step forward in healing.


How is Encouragers different from counseling?

Encouragers is a peer-support ministry. The Encourager does not keep notes about your meetings; in contrast, counselors are required to keep documentation related to counseling sessions. The Encouragers help people dealing with less severe spiritual and emotional issues than a counselor would address.


Who are the Encouragers?

Our Encouragers are made up of men, women, and teenagers who attend Lifegate church, and who have completed our Encourager training.


How many times do Encouragers meet with people?

The Encouragers typically meet with people up to 3 or 4 times.


What if I need more help than the Encourager can provide?

When necessary, our Encouragers can recommend other resources such as a Care Counselor, Professional counselor, a Care Group, etc., depending on the situation.


Will the information I share with my Encourager be private?

Information shared with the Encouragers is kept confidential by those involved in this ministry. However, if a person expresses thoughts of hurting themselves or someone else, if a child or a vulnerable adult is being abused or neglected, then the Encourager will need to take further action.


Where will I meet with my Encourager?

The Encouragers Ministry is designed to have people meet outside the walls of the church. Men meet with men and women meet with women at a mutually agreed upon location, such as a coffee shop, library, bookstore, etc. However, you can also meet at a Lifegate Campus during regular business hours.


How do I set up a meeting with an Encourager?

To be matched up with an Encourager, email:


Any questions or concerns about Encouragers can be directed to:
Cami Ahrenholtz, M.A., PLMHP
Associate Pastor-Care
Phone at Lifegate Church: (402) 330-5724 Ext. 3354

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