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The Rase’s Story

Impacting a generation is achieved one story at a time. Listen as Ana Rase shares her own experience watching her daughter, Winter, invite Jesus to be her Lord and savior – at the age of 5! This happened through the partnership Lifegate Kids has with parents and families to take children on the next step of their spiritual journey – with life-changing results!

Our Next Step

Lifegate has a history of listening for where God is leading us and then boldly stepping out in faith towards where He leads. Watch this video to learn about our history from Pastor Les and see how Lasting Impact is our next step as we seek to make space for our future world-changers!

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The Nielson’s Story

Alaina and Jonathan knew they wanted to make a difference through Lasting Impact, the question was just how big did God want them to go and how hard was it going to be to obey His leading? Listen as they talk about their journey, as a family, to commit and invest in future generations through Lasting Impact.

Future World-Changers

Why Lasting Impact? Because kids matter to God and matter to us. Right now, we have an opportunity to set the next generation of Lifegate up for success. We can make space for our future world-changers to encounter the love of God at an early age, to feel secure and to be known in community. We want them to have the tools they will need to live lives of influence and righteousness.

The Wolfe’s Story

Dustin and Angie were convinced in the value of Lasting Impact right away because of their own experiences with Lifegate as a family. Watch as they talk about how their commitment has challenged them to grow closer to each other and to God – an unintended benefit.

The Beerman’s Story

Jo and Jerry Beerman share how they saw God expand their hearts as they went from giving, to tithing to investing even MORE in the future of others through Lifegates last initiative, the Advance. Watch as they explain why they are so excited about Lasting Impact.

Growing Up at Lifegate

We asked a group of people who have grown up at Lifegate about their experience. Here’s what they said.


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