Lifegroups are at the core of our church. They’re small, life-filled communities where lasting foundations can be built in your walk with Christ. You will have the opportunity to serve together, experience spiritual growth and have a personal connection with others outside of weekend services. We understand the type of community you need may shift with the seasons of your life. Beyond our standard Lifegroups we offer a wide variety of specialized Lifegroups including Lifegate Men’s Groups, Lifegate Women’s Groups, Restore Groups and Mastering Groups to make it easy to find a good fit for everyone.


Spring semester begins the week of January 10th.

Spring semester ends the week of May 16th.


Discussion Groups

We desire church to be a place where you are challenged by both the weekend messages and the Word of God. The best way to challenge ourselves is through healthy conversation. This is where our 8-10 week long discussion groups come into play. We recognize you have people with whom you naturally process life, and we just want to frame up the conversation. Every discussion group is equipped with a 15-minute leaders podcast that sets up the conversation and an accompanying PDF that helps guide the conversation. However, the primary goal of every discussion is transformation. Since we believe this is best seen in application, every discussion ends with an opportunity for both personal and group application.


To access the full discussioncast library, download the Lifegate App or click here.

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