Micah Kafka

Associate Director - Communications

Micah is an artist at heart. He believes strongly in reflecting the creativity of God in all he does. This works well because he is responsible for the creation of videos and graphics to support the messages and ministries of our church. He studied television and digital film production at Pepperdine University and God eventually led him to Omaha where he began working for Lifegate in 2011. The climate change has made it difficult for him to wear a bro tank year-round, be he’s definitely not going down without a fight.

 A day that includes making a huge mess with paint is a good day in Micah’s book. If you added writing, camping, rugby, rock climbing, thunderstorms, large fires, and cooking to it, then it would probably be the best day of his life. Though he may have to wait until the following day to work on his collection of tattoos and 80’s length shorts. Also, don’t talk about soups or sandwiches with him unless you are in the mood for some really strong opinions.

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